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Nonprofit Charity Organization: Focus groups were used to examine the needs and expectations of five groups of donors: African American, Hispanic, Asian, Gay/Lesbian, and White. The research identified new ways in which to serve these communities and how best to communicate that to donors.

Accounting Firm: A survey of California tax payers to assess their interest in federal tax audit insurance. Telephone surveys with a random households.

Regional Bell Operating Company: A series of focus groups to assess a new tag-line in the context of advertising for print and broadcast. Business and residential customers and company employees evaluated mock-ups of advertising with three different versions of the tag-line. Questionnaires were used during the discussion to evaluate the tag-lines on a number of dimensions.

A California Agribusiness: A series of studies on consumer perception and desire for prepackaged salad mixes, vegetables, and pastas. Focus groups throughout the United States assessed consumer acceptance of these new product lines, including naming, labeling, packaging and pricing.

Infomercial Producer: A study to evaluate the potential for various product line extensions for a leading health and beauty product. One hundred mall intercept interviews were conducted with women.

Manufacturer of Health and Cleaning Products: A series of 16 focus groups nationwide with users and distributors to evaluate new product offerings in the line. Products included vitamins and supplements, health and beauty products, and household cleaning products.

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