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Infomercials and Direct Response TV

During the past ten years we have worked with a number of infomercial producers. Our research assists them in the development of products, product offers, and infomercials. Our research helps assure our clients that they have the right product, the best positioning and the most effective presentation. The cost of conducting research prior to broadcast is made back many times in money saved and money earned by having the right message out there from the beginning.

Typically focus groups are conducted. The group discussion would focus on the need for the product and its perceived benefits, viewing a portion of the infomercial, discussion to determine how well the infomercial conveys the product and product benefits, consumer understanding of the product, perceived value and thoughts on pricing and interest in purchasing. Questionnaires are often used during the group to collect information helpful in positioning the product.

Recent Work has included:

Victoria Principal, The Principal Secret 1 - 6
Anthony Robbins, Personal Power
Kathy Smith, Fat Burning System and Walking Fitness
Barbara DeAngelis, Making Love Work
Georgette Mosbacher, Make-up
Natural Dietary Products, Natural Trim Diet Supplement
Redken Laboratories, The Redken Consultation
Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, Drs. Rachel & Richard Heller
American Wealth Crusade, Dante Perrano
Primage by Sevinor, with Linda Evans
PETA, Fund raising for a non profit groups
Adam Robinson, Education product
Joe Land, The Ultimate Power
Lactaid, McNeil Consumer Products
Mark Bunting, Computer Video Offer
Connie Selleca, Skin Care
Carol Shaw, Make-up
40-30-30 Program, Diet and Nutrition


Meaningful Beauty with Cindy Crawford

Majic Beauty, Eye Majic

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