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Major Metropolitan Daily:Multi-method study to assess trends in Sunday single copy sales. The study employed focus groups and a longitudinal design to track developments over time. Multivariate analysis was used to develop predictive models of single copy purchase behavior.

Major Metropolitan Daily:A telephone survey of 900 residents to identify market segments for circulation growth. The study identified a number of highly correlated segments representing an unduplicated base of 140,000 nonreaders. Promotional and marketing strategies were identified to reach the segments.

Legal Publisher:A series of studies were conducted to evaluate new products and product concepts with practicing attorneys. Each study employed a number of focus groups conducted in several circuits. The products evaluated included automated forms assembly software, a printed update service for federal litigators and a new publication providing guidance on the procedural aspects of federal litigation.

Major Metropolitan Daily:A telephone survey of 1400 residents of a metropolitan area to assess the competitive situation, identify geographic and psychographic segment opportunities for gaining new readers, and determine the perceived image strengths and weakness of the major daily newspapers in the market. The study identified a number of circulation opportunities and editorial strategies for addressing them.

Magazine Publisher: A series of focus groups with software engineers to assess their need and interest in a new trade publication. Several mock-ups were used during the discussion to evaluate designs, names and editorial content.

Major Metropolitan Daily: A study with existing subscribers to assess a new billing system. Focus groups were conducted and sample bills were provided for evaluation and discussion.

Major Metropolitan Daily: An analysis of Scarborough market data to develop sales support material.

Urban Daily: A multi-method, multi-purpose study to assess the competitive situation and develop circulation strategies; to assess readership and reader interest for editorial changes; and identify strengths and weaknesses of the competing dailies for promotional positioning; to collect shopping information and demographics for the development of sales support materials.

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