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Cobbey & Associates specializes in research on the application of new technology to business and consumer products and services. During the past 10 years we have conducted numerous studies which examine the way consumers think about technology, interact with technology, need, desire and incorporate new technology into their existing work and behavior. These studies have helped to shape new products and to identify the best ways to communicate technological innovation to the marketplace.

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Financial Services Provider: A series of usability studies on a package of brokerage services offered via the Internet. One on one interviews were conducted with investors to evaluate how well they understood the user interface, particularly navigation, terminology, and transactional features. A set of tasks were designed to gauge user understanding and learning.

Newspaper Front-end System Provider: A personal telephone interview with newspaper executives on their thoughts, plans and vision of the future of the publishing system industry. The survey employed quantitative questions which could be tracked over time and qualitative questions of a more probing nature which could be analyzed to help explain trends and tendencies in the marketplace.

Silicon Valley Workstation Manufacturer: A quasi-experimental design employing 200 telephone interviews with selected users of a high-end graphics workstation. The project involved comparing the evaluations of users of two different versions of interface and graphics software. A series of quantitative scaled measures were developed which allowed 30 separate hardware and software attributes to be evaluated.

Telecommunication Services Company: A telephone survey to examine the interest and need for advanced electronic communication and information services among small to mid-sized businesses. In depth, executive interviews were conducted with decision makers in 100 businesses through out the United States.

Regional Bell Operating Company: An in-depth telephone survey of audiotext information providers to evaluate the marketing and support efforts used to recruit and support IPs. The interview dealt with technical aspects of the audiotext system as well as IP evaluations of customer support and the need for additional technological capabilities in the future.

Regional Bell Operating Company: A series of focus groups to evaluate residential and business customer reaction to voice messaging services. The study included demonstrations of the technology in the group.

Fortune 500 Financial Institution: Using a paired comparison design, this study evaluated a series of new interactive terminals, including user interface software and database content, among bank customers and employees. Sixty face to face interviews were conducted using and evaluating the various versions of the new equipment.