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The firm's principals have been involved in marketing research and project management for over 20 years. The primary associates hold graduate degrees in research and are well respected and published in their fields.

Robin Cobbey has served as a consultant to such corporations as USA Today, AT & T, San Jose Mercury News, Pacific Bell, Netscape, and Hewlett-Packard. She has been involved for the past 15 years in interactive media and more recently the Internet and web based services. She has held upper management positions in marketing research and product development for companies such as Knight-Ridder Inc., The Chronicle Publishing Company, The Minneapolis Star Tribune and Source Telecomputing Corporation. She holds a doctorate in communications research and theory with a minor in marketing. Her areas of expertise include both qualitative and quantitative methods. She has developed a number of scales and measures for use in social, behavioral and opinion research.

Elsa Mohn has been involved in market research for the past 15 years. Her area of expertise is in quantitative methodologies and data analysis. She has held research management positions at HBO, Time, Inc., CBS, and Citibank. Her area of expertise is in media research including acquistion and retention research, and media use and campaign evaluation. She holds a doctorate in Mass Communications and a minor in Marketing.

Jodi Greenblatt is a communications professional specializing in public relations and marketing. She is known for her work in research-based web development and has worked with a range of organizations, including the World Bank, Ziff Communications, The SOURCE, and The American Chemical Society.

Dr. Chaim Eyal is experienced in quantitative and qualitative methodologies and statistical analysis. He has expertise in statistical modeling. Prior to joining the firm, he served as a research consultant to Hewlett-Packard and the Israel Government Bureau of Statistics. He currently is on the faculty at San Francisco State University where he teaches Research Methods and Statistics.

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All the associates are well published in their field, and belong to a variety of professional organizations. The firm also employs a number of professional interviewers as needed. All interviewers used by the firm are trained and evaluated by Dr. Cobbey or one of her associates prior to the start of any field work. In cases where outside interviewing services are contracted, interviewers are briefed by the firm and observed and monitored throughout the field work to assure quality information.

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